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Australia Freezeframe Stem Cell Treatment for Stubborn Old New STRETCH MARK ERASER Damaged Skin Improve Elasticity Smooth Skin

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Botox® for Stretch Marks

We know Botox® can make a huge difference to wrinkles, now research has shown that it can also have an incredible visual effect on stretch marks as well.

Stretch marks don’t just leave stripes on your skin. Skin also looks puckered, pulled and stretched. Relaxing the area can help to counteract the pulling and stretching which distorts the skin, leaving you with a smooth, more even skin surface.

Introducing stem cell STRETCH MARK ERASER, Bi Phase Dry Body Oil

The research behind these 2 medical breakthroughs has led to the development of a topical treatment which utilises cosmetic technologies which mimic these visual changes in the skin.

Building on the knowledge that your skin is the biggest reservoir for stem cells in your body, stem cell STRETCH MARK ERASER harnesses the power of your own adipose derived stem cells with its powerful StemStim Technology™. At the same time, powerful skin relaxing peptides visibly reduce the appearance of tension, puckering and pulling resulting in clearer, smoother looking skin.

Clinically proven to reduce visible stretch marks in just 2 short weeks

Imagine reducing the darkness and redness of stretch marks by more than half in just 14 days. These results, plus more than 30% reduction in visible length and width are just the beginning.

Clinically proven to reduce even the most stubborn stretch marks by up to 94%

Does medical science finally hold the secret to the end of stretch marks?

Two new areas of research have stunned the cosmetic science community with the revelation that there could finally be a way to reduce red and silver scars.

First, new research in skin tissue engineering for burns victims has revealed that a particular type of stem cell, adipose derived stem cells which live in our fat cells can help to rebuild the damaged cell layers burnt away by tragic third degree burns.

This is exciting news for other types of skin damage, in particular stretch marks. The hardest skin damage to heal is that of burns injuries. If this technology can help heal brutally damaged skin from third degree burns where the skin has literally been stripped away – what chance does the humble stretch mark have?

Researchers left stunned by clinical results on stubborn old stretch marks

After seeing the clinical data on stubborn old stretch marks, those silvery-white beacons which never seem to fade, our scientists were stunned. After 2 weeks, the results on new stretch marks were amazing. After 12 weeks, they were jaw dropping at an incredible 92% reduction of visible red marks.

But nothing prepared them for the results which were achieved on old stretch marks. Whilst previously, these were the kind that could never be budged, no matter what you did, with Stem Cell STRETCH MARK ERASER, these stubborn old scars responded even better than the newer stretch marks, achieving a visible reduction in the appearance of old stretch marks of up to 94%.

Stop Stretch Marks before they form

stem cell STRETCH MARK ERASER also contains glycoproteins and MMP inhibitors which may help prevent the appearance of new stretch marks by strengthening skin and improving elasticity. It also contains a stretch mark favourite, liquid cocoa butter to moisturise and protect.

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Australia Freezeframe Stem Cell Treatment for Stubborn Old New STRETCH MARK ERASER Damaged Skin Improve Elasticity Smooth Skin

$60.00$397.00 (-85%)

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